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  • drill with mixing spindle attachment
  • flat trowel:
  • plant spraye
  • gloves


  • check you have sufficient A & B material (for consumption, see label)
  • Always work on a sanded-in primer


  • Combine the A and B component in the correct proportion (see label)
      • with small sets there is enough space to add the B component to the A component
      • for large packages: Weigh A and B component in separate buckets and then combine them. Always allow the mixing bucket to drain in between
  • mix for 2 minutes using a drill with mixing spindle attachment
  • Place the granules in a mixing tub or compulsory mixer, add the mixed epoxy as quickly as possible and mix again

Clean tools

  • Spread on the floor and spread immediately
  • If necessary, remove excess resin from the tub
  • Press/compact well

Additional points of attention

  • Empty packaging: cured material or scrapings => construction waste, otherwise => chemical waste
  • Clean tools with acetone


  • Note: mixed product reacts quickly in the bucket, becoming very hot and causing harmful fumes. Therefore it is recommended that the bucket be placed outside if it is not empty after 10 minutes.
  • Note: In hot weather, clean the mixing bucket and tub regularly or use new ones
  • Note: always mix for the same time (use a chronometer) to prevent potential staining caused by too much/little erosion on the grains.



These brief installation instructions are provided to help you quickly get started with the installation. However, it is important to first read the technical data sheet and to take note of the safety data sheets It is useful to read through the technical information, “Working with epoxy” All these documents can be found at the bottom of this page under downloads.


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Contact our Sales Team and order now.