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Rust Cleaner

Mildly alkaline cleaning agent for removing rust stains and other metal oxide residues. The reactive substances act on rust and convert them into water-soluble substances. The beginning of the reaction can be seen by the violet colouration. The by-products from the reaction can be rinsed off with water. Sidec Rust Cleaner can be applied specifically to partial surfaces, as no visible changes to the surface occur.


For removing rust stains of all kinds.
For use indoors and outdoors.

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1. Surface

Natural stone such as marble, limestone, granite, gneiss, quartzite, concrete and concrete stone.

2. Application

Apply the undiluted product to the dry surface, distribute with a brush, and brush in using a scrubbing brush. The violet colouring provides an indication that the action has begun. Allow the product to work for approx. 15 to 20 minutes, limit the time to 10 minutes for marble. Do not allow the product to dry Scrub with a damp scrubbing brush and then rinse thoroughly with water. It is recommended that a high-pressure cleaner is used for this.

3. Important note

The exposure time should not exceed 20 minutes (10 minutes on marble). If the effect is insufficient, repeat the process (several times).

4. Important

Treat a test area first. Do not allow the product to come into contact with metals, paint, wood and similar sensitive surfaces. Any remaining violet colouration will fade with time.

5. Consumption

approx. 10 m²/L

6. Processing/surface temperature

Not below 15°C. If necessary, preheat surface with a hair-dryer.

7. Storage

Store in a cool, dark, enclosed spot. Use within 1 year. Product turns violet over time.

8. Cleaning up

Waste codes EWC/AVV 16 03 05* If dry and clean, empty packaging can be recycled via collection systems.


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