This 3 component colored epoxy screed, is ideally suited as a durable and seamless finish for heavy-duty floors. The c-component (the filler) contains only powders, allowing a very fine finish. Due to the high proportion of pigment, my can cast almost to 0.1 mm.

  • layer thickness: 1 – 2 mm
  • RAL and NCS colors
  • hardness: Shore-D 80
  • Impact, shock and abrasion resistant
  • Glossy
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Dust-free and easy to clean
  • Self-leveling
  • Seamless and liquid-proof
  • High compressive and flexural tensile strength
Applications: Garage, Food, Non-food, Garage, Storage, Warehouse, Cellar, Heavy load, Office, Boutique, Public spaces

Available packaging

  • 20.5kg sets
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