Coloured quartz K0.8-1.2 mm

Sidec Coloured quartz K0.8-1.2 consists of washed, fire-dried and sieved quartz 0.8-1.2 mm. This gravel is not crushed, but has rolled over millions of years in a riverbed giving it its final rounded shape. To guarantee quality and to have as little dust or excess as possible, the gravel is sieved very accurately. Moreover, the Sidec quartz is very pure and contains at least 98% SiO2. The relative hardness is 7 Mohs. The K0.8-1.2 is a very round grain, and because the colour of the original natural grain is uniformly light grey, it generally also becomes an even one uniform coloured grain obtained after colouring.

Sidec decorative gravel is coloured with various organic and/or inorganic pigments and then hot process coated with an epoxy or polyurethanesystem. This results in a very wear-resistant coloured granulate. The coloured gravel will be more or less resistant to UV light depending on the chosen pigments and/or resins. We recommend working with PU-coated gravel for quartz that is directly exposed to sunlight. We have added a list with a woolscale scale classification to the downloads, which will give you an idea of which colours are or are not resistant to UV light.

Possibilities: Sidec decorative gravel can be used in all kinds of applications such as: various types of synthetic floors and walls, aquariums, decorative applications, etc.

Colours: Sidec quartz K0.8-1.2 can be produced in more than 4,000 different colours, and if desired, these can be mixed to offer countless mixing options.

Stock: For rapid delivery, Sidec retains a stock of the most requested 20 uni colours, and these can be mixed quickly in the desired ratio.

Available packaging:

  • 25kg bags
  • Big-bags 1000kg
  • Big-bags 1500kg
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