Natural quartz M3W

Sidec Natural quartz M3W consists of washed, fire-dried and sieved quartz from 0.4-2.0 mm. This gravel is not crushed, but has rolled over millions of years in a riverbed giving it its final rounded shape. To ensure quality and minimize dust or excess, the gravel is very carefully sieved. In addition, Sidec quartz is very pure and contains at least 98% SiO2. The relative hardness is 7mohs and the color is blended beige.

Sidec Natural quartz M3W is a composition of different grain sizes that are first sieved separately and then combined again in a specific ratio. This allows the sieve curve to be kept very constant over time.

Sidec decorative gravel can be used in all kinds of applications such as: plastic floors and walls, aquariums, decorative applications,...

  • quartz SiO2 (min 98%)
  • grain size: 0.4-2.0 mm
  • shape: naturally rounded (very slightly angular)
  • hardness: 7 Mohs
  • melange beige
  • Residual moisture < 0.5%

Available packaging

  • 25kg bags
  • Big-bags 1000kg
  • Big-bags 1500kg
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