Anti-skid version of the PU-TOPCOAT ETC : Very high quality 3 component waterborne PU topcoat. Ideal as a finishing layer on an open structure or closed structure stone carpet. In addition to being UV-stable itself, this coating also contains extra UV blockers to slow down any yellowing of the underlying layers.

ETC in the name stands for Easy To Clean: The most important property of the PU-TOPCOAT ETC/ANTI-SLIP is that there is almost no attachment, which also makes cleaning super easy. That is what makes this coating particularly resistant to the plasticisers that leach from car tyres and other rubber objects.

The PU TOPCOAT ETC/ANTI-SLIP has much higher wear resistance than most other water-based PU top coats and is also emission-free. This it will also comply with European directives, as well as Belgian, German (AGBB) and/or French (A+) emission legislation for indoor floors used in homes and offices. Gloss level: satin gloss.

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  • 5.25kg sets
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