This hard-elastic, aromatic PU poured 2-component floor will retain its elastic properties over time. This reduces the chances of small hairline cracks, while making it more pleasant to walk on. Because PUSL-gold discolours due to UV light, it is recommended to finish with a coloured UV-resistant top coat.

  • layer thickness: 2-3 mm
  • RAL and NCS colors
  • hardness: Shore-D 60(~= hard-elastic)
  • self-levelling
  • impact, load and wear resistant
  • seamless and liquid-tight
  • good chemical resistance
  • dust-free and easy to clean
  • light crack-bridging


Applications: Storage, Cellar, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room, Bathroom, Boutique, Public spaces

Possible packaging

  • 25kg sets
For a detailed description see the product information sheet at downloads
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