Acecourt Green is the green ceramic coated tennis infill for infilling artificial grass tennis courts.

Composition and shape

The aggregates come from a quarry where the gravel consists of at least 99.8% silica and is therefore free of harmful contaminants. Acecourt Tennis Infill has an ideal shape that contributes to the following properties:

 Water permeability  Less/no abrasion

Sifting process

The sieve line of the gravel used was determined as a function of drainage properties and play properties:

  • Excellent water penetration, so almost always playable
  • No dust formation in dry weather
  • Good ball bounce and ball speed
  • Sufficiently firm for rapid acceleration

Color Process

Sidec has worked for years on the ceramic coloring process in which inorganic binders and pigments are fused to the surface of the granules at high temperatures. This ceramic coating has many advantages over conventional organic coatings:

  • Excellent UV resistance (no yellowing, chalking or polymer degradation)
  • Optimal water resistance
  • Chemical resistance (antimoss, acid rain, road salt)
  • Wear resistance (color fastness)

Properties of the gravel

  • Color
  • Grain size
    Standard (0,4-0,8 mm) or Acecourt Micro (0,1 – 0,3 mm)
  • Real density at 20 °C:
    ± 2,65 ton/m³
  • Bulk density at 20 °C:
    ± 1,5 kg/l
  • Hardness
    7 Mohs
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