Marblecarpet Deluxe

The basis of this “open structure” decorative gravel floor is formed by marble pebbles of 1-4 mm or 4-8 mm and a high-quality PU (polyurethane) binder. Although marble is much softer than the quartz used in a standard stone carpet, marble has the advantage that the grains inside have the same colour, so that any wear and tear will hardly be noticeable. Marble is a natural rock, which may result in greater colour deviations when compared to a standard stone carpet made from coloured stones.

This floor consists of 2 layers: primer and marble carpet. The minimum installation height of this system is 8 mm or 12 mm depending on the chosen grain size. The choice of primer depends on the type of substrate. To make it easy for you, we have added a document in Downloads below so you can easily see for yourself which primer is the most suitable for you.

The PU binder used for this system is 100% UV resistant, which prevents discolouration and reserves the original colour at all times. This makes the marble carpet deluxe extremely suitable for use both outdoors and indoors (in places that receive a lot of sunlight). Not all pigments are UV stable; therefore, a list of colours that have been tested for UV resistance can be found under the downloads section.

Applications: Office, Bedroom, Living room, Boutique, Veranda

Specific system features:

  • UV-resistant (no discoloration)
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