Marbledec Deluxe

The basis of this closed structure decorative gravel floor is formed by marble stones from 1-4 mm, a high quality PU binder and an acrylic pore filler. Although marble is much softer than the quartz used in a standard stone carpet, marble has the advantage that the grains inside have the same colour, so that any wear and tear will hardly be noticeable. Marble is a natural rock, which may result in greater colour deviations when compared to a standard stone carpet made from coloured stones.

This floor consists of 3 layers: primer, marble carpet and pore filler. The minimum floor construction depth of this system is 8 mm. The choice of primer depends on the type of substrate. To make it easy for you, we have added a document in Downloads below so you can easily see for yourself which primer is the most suitable for you.

The PU binder used for this system is 100% UV resistant, which prevents discolouration and reserves the original colour at all times. This makes the Marbledec Deluxe extremely suitable for use in places that are exposed to heavy sunlight.

Marbledec Deluxe features a standard pore filler. This acrylic screed can be applied very easily and ensures 99% of the openings between the stones are closed. This ensures the floor is easy to keep clean using a vacuum cleaner or water cleaner, or by scrubbing with water and soap-free soap, i.e. Ideal for floors that are used daily.

Applications: Storage, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room, Bathroom, Boutique, Veranda

Specific system features:

  • standard acrylic pore filler
  • no discoloration (uv-resistant)
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