Powerdec Residential

The basis of this mortar floor is coloured quartz stones, a high-quality epoxy binder , a polyaspartic pore filler and a top coat. The 0.4 mm-2.0 mm gravel grains have a UV-resistant PU colour coating. The coating process takes place at a high temperature for optimum wear resistance of the coloured gravel grains. The specific composition of the granules creates a hard, indestructible floor with a modern, industrial look. A mortar/trowel floor looks like a concrete floor, but is stronger, dust-free and aesthetically more beautiful. Ideal for living rooms, kitchens and more.

This floor consists of 4 layers : primer – mortar – wear-resistant and waterproof pore-filler (2x) – very scratch-resistant topcoat. The minimum floor construction depth of this system is 6 mm. The choice of primer depends on the type of substrate. To make it easy for you, we have added a document in Downloads below so you can easily see for yourself which primer is the most suitable for you.

The epoxy binder used in this system was developed specially for aesthetic applications to keep discolouration to a minimum. In this respect, it is one of the best in the market.

Powerdec Residential features the highest quality pore-filler currently available on the market: UV-resistant (i.e., no discoloration), highly abrasion-resistant and provides better protection against long-term water exposure (than with an acrylic pore-filler where long-term water exposure can cause white spots). The polyaspartic paste can be applied very easily and makes the floor easy to keep clean with a vacuum cleaner or by scrubbing with water and soap-free soap, i.e. Ideal for floors lived on daily.

On top of the best pore filler available, the Powerdec Residential also gets an extra top coat: This transparent matt varnish layer ensures an entire scratch-resistant surface.

Applications: Storage, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room, Bathroom, Boutique

Specifieke systeemeigenschappen

  • PU colored trowel sand mix 0.4/2.0mm
  • virtually no discoloration
  • waterproof + uv-resistant pore filler
  • Topcoat/varnish: scratch-resistant
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