Terradec, the unique permeable pavement developed by Sidec, in association with UGent and Stad Hasselt!


Terradec, the unique permeable pavement developed by Sidec, in association with UGent and Stad Hasselt! Read more in this post and CG CONCEPT XTRA’s article.

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Sidec, the family-run company specialising in synthetic resin flooring systems and coated aggregates, is pleased to introduce our latest product, Terradec. Developed in collaboration with UGent and Stad Hasselt, Terradec offers a sustainable and stylish solution for permeable pavements.

With Terradec, we can manage rainwater efficiently, reduce flooding and design our environment in a sustainable way. It is a unique product that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics.
With Terradec, we can have a positive impact on the environment while creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Contact us today and find out how Terradec can take your project to the next level!
Find out more about Terradec, the innovative product shaping the future of permeable pavements. Together, we can promote sustainability and have a positive impact on our environment.


The Kempen-based company Sidec specialises in the development and production of coated aggregates and synthetic resin flooring systems. The family business saw the light of day at the end of the 1980s. It has since grown into a world player. With Terradec, the company offers a 100 per cent water-permeable outdoor flooring system. The product is widely applicable and has many advantages For its installation, the company calls on its extensive network of professional installers.

Increasing flooding exposes the urgency of sustainable water management. Water infiltration must improve,” explains CEO Yves Jonckers. “Revealing and opting for permeable solutions are crucial in this. We proactively developed the water-permeable Terradec. A quartz that is bonded with a high-quality polyurethane binder. The result is similar in appearance to a stone carpet or asphalt, only it has a much more decorative character.”

Extensively tested “We started developing Terradec in 2010. We had the product extensively tested by Ghent University and the Opzoekingscentrum voor de Wegenbouw (OCW). Terradec underwent fatigue tests, ageing tests and freeze and thaw tests. The water permeability turned out to be so high that it could no longer be measured. So you won’t see puddles of water on these floors. The researchers also found that a Terradec floor can last around 20 years, provided it is installed correctly and there is a stable substrate. We then commercialised Terradec in 2017. Meanwhile, we have successfully laid thousands of square metres with it.”

Impressive properties. The granulate boasts an impressive number of assets. Yves Jonckers: “Besides being 100 per cent permeable to water, it is also seamless, durable, extremely strong, weed-repellent, anti-slip and freeze- and thaw-resistant. You can walk on it as early as six hours after installation. And that’s important, because outdoors you still sometimes have to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as stray dogs and cats. So the faster an outdoor floor cures, the better. Because Terradec has a natural design, it blends aesthetically well with any environment and home style.

We offer Terradec in three forms. The Terradec Gold is a discolouring and cheaper system while the Terradec Clear does not discolour. And with Terradec Easy Fit, you can grout natural and concrete bricks. Legion of applications The application possibilities of Terradec are many.

“You can use the granulate to build driveways, car parks, terraces and balconies. It is also extremely suitable for the design of footpaths, footpaths and cycle paths. Terradec also lends itself well to paving garden paths and as a ground cover around swimming pools and trees. That makes the product interesting for the green sector. If you cover the soil around trees with it, you keep that area weed-free. That saves you a lot of work as a municipal authority. You only have to hose down the rock once or twice a year with the pressure washer and it looks neat again. We challenge garden and landscape architects to experiment with Terradec, because it is available in all sorts of colours”,
concludes Yves Jonckers.


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