Teambuilding Sidec @ Beat the Barn

From wolf hunting, sheep herding and cow crashing. We did it all during our super cool team building activity Beat the Barn. And we definitely went for it as a team: strong together and striving for victory. Mission completed.

And even after that ultimate battle, there was still room for fun. This time for the entire Sidec family, including partners and children of our team members. A farm visit where everyone was allowed to pet calves and drink fresh milk, for example. As well as tasting fresh farm-made ice cream. With a great finale: a super delicious and ultra-cozy barbecue. Talk about a top day.

Oh yes, and that Beat the Barn trophy is still shining in our home base. Worth repeating, this team building as #SidecFamily.


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Our Sidec’ers did like a slice of pizza, and we delivered!

Today is National Pizza Day, and we at Sidec don't let that go unnoticed. To celebrate this glorious day, we had top notch pizzas delivered by our local Italian specialist Casa Fraquelli.


Continue to Invest in your employees even during a pandemic.

As a company, it is important to continue to invest in the well-being and engagement of your employees, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Successful Family Day at Sidec.

Strengthening Team Spirit and Fun for All!