A Successful Family Day at Sidec: Strengthening Team Spirit and Fun for All!

Sidec, a leading family business specialising in synthetic resin flooring systems and coated aggregates. This time we are not going to talk about their impressive products, but about something else that is just as important: the appreciation and investment in our employees. Recently, Sidec organised an unforgettable family day at the beautiful Lissen Pond, where fun and togetherness were key.

Read on to find out how Sidec is strengthening its team spirit and ensuring fun for all!

A Day of Adventure and Entertainment: Sidec understands that the success of a company depends heavily on the well-being and commitment of its employees. Therefore, we regularly organise events to strengthen ties and foster a positive working environment. The recent family day at Lissenvijver was a perfect example. With a plethora of activities such as an indoor bouncy castle and mini golf, there was something for everyone, regardless of age.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/X8XkYgQcmzg

Team building and togetherness: The family day not only provided entertainment, but also created an opportunity for our employees and their families to get to know each other better in an informal setting. Team-building activities, such as a joint game of miniature golf, encouraged cooperation and communication between colleagues, which ultimately strengthened team spirit. These strong interpersonal relationships can translate to better cooperation and productivity in the workplace.

Investment in Employees: Sidec has proven that they invest not only in their products, but also in their employees. By organising this family day, we showed our recognition and appreciation for the hard work and commitment of our staff. Creating a family-friendly environment where employees can engage their loved ones is testament to Sidec’s commitment to a good work-life balance and promoting a positive corporate culture.

The family day at Sidec was not only a day of fun and entertainment, but also an opportunity for employees and their families to get closer together and strengthen team spirit. Sidec’s investment in its employees shows that they understand the value of a close-knit and happy work environment. It is this commitment to their team that sets Sidec apart as a company that not only excels in its expertise, but also cares for the well-being of those who work there.


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