Terradec Budget Solid

Budget friendly, but discoloring, permeable paving, ideal for higher loads such as parking lots and driveways. The floor consists of a combination of granules bonded with an aliphatic PU binder. The minimum installation height of this system is 4cm.

To enable the mechanically heavier load, the following 2 things are necessary:

    1. only quartz granules (or stronger) can be used, as they have a minimum strength of 7mohs (on a scale of 1 to 10).
    2. a percentage of finer granules (0.4/0.8mm) must be added to the coarser granules to obtain a stronger matrix

Discoloration of the binder usually occurs in the first 2 months after placement. After that, the discoloration will slowly recede. Because this process does not happen evenly everywhere because of shade or a canopy, we recommend working only with pebbles where this effect is only minimally noticeable. That is, only about 4 colors in quartz qualify.

Despite the fact that the water permeability of the Terradec system itself is super high, it also depends on the type of substrate. How much the Terradec's water permeability is on various substrates was tested by the OCW (Public Center for Road Construction in Belgium). Under the heading
you will find the test results.

Applications: Public spaces, Path (hiking, biking, garden), Parking/ driveway


  • Structure: open
  • Grain size: 0.4/10.0 mm
  • Layer thickness: +/-40 mm
  • UV-resistant (no discoloration)
  • Version: silk gloss
  • 4 colors
  • outside
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