Terradec Premium Strong

Non-coloring, permeable paving, ideal for garden paths, around trees.... The floor consists of a combination of granules bonded with an aliphatic PU binder. The minimum installation height of this system is 3cm.

The granules used can be different types of stone, such as quartz or marble,... Thanks to the larger selection of natural stones, 36 colors are available.

The PU binder used for this system is 100% UV resistant, which prevents discolouration and reserves the original colour at all times.

Despite the fact that the water permeability of the Terradec system itself is super high, it also depends on the type of substrate. How much the Terradec's water permeability is on various substrates was tested by the OCW (Public Center for Road Construction in Belgium). Under the heading
you will find the test results.

It is possible to finish the Terradec premium Strong with an additional non-slip layer. This layer can be obtained in 2 ways:

    1. by rolling the same binder (Terra Clear) over the cured Terradec and sprinkling it with an anti-slip granulate
    2. by rolling a PU anti-slip topcoat over the cured Terradec
Applications: Public spaces, Path (hiking, biking, garden), Around trees

Specific system features:

  • Grain size: 4.0/8.0mm
  • Layer thickness: +/-40 mm
  • UV-resistant (no discoloration)
  • 36 colors
  • outside
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