Water-permeable paving - a world of possibilities.

All paving permeable to water. Yes, please. Better for our drainage systems and for nature. Here is some advice from Sidec about the operation and possibilities.


Water-permeable paving – a world of possibilities.

All paving permeable to water. Yes, please. Better for our drainage systems and for nature. Permeable pavements also fit in the context of the concrete stop that is coming up by 2040. Here is some advice from Sidec on the functioning and possibilities of permeable pavements.

Optimal water infiltration.

A beautifully landscaped driveway, terrace, garden path, and pool area paving. We are happy to make it stylish around your home or business. Think carefully about what you are constructing, as large paved surfaces can prevent rainwater from adequately infiltrating into the soil. During heavy rainfall, our drainage systems may not be able to handle the large amount of rainwater. And then we get waterlogging and flooding of streams, rivers, and streets. Water-permeable pavement provides a solution for this water problem and allows rainwater to infiltrate optimally into the soil.

Operation of permeable pavement

When you lay your driveway, garden path or terrace with permeable paving, rainwater will not flow away via the surface, but will infiltrate into the soil. Rainwater will infiltrate into the permeable pavement during rainfall and will be stored in the porous spaces of the pavement. The rainwater will infiltrate the permeable paving during rainfall and will be stored in the porous spaces of the driveway. Later on, the water will slowly seep into the sublayer and ultimately to the underground, depending on how permeable it is. The rainwater that cannot infiltrate the soil is slowly discharged through a throttling pipe to nearby sewer systems or streams.

Classical (semi-)open pavement.

A classic open pavement such as loose stones in dolomite, gravel, and pebbles is still popular. This material allows for maximum drainage of rainwater, is often cheaper, and easier to install. There are, however, also disadvantages associated with this permeable paving. Think of weeds that grow profusely and bare spots.

A different water-permeable solution is semi-permeable paving such as bricks, cobblestones or tiles. If the joints or the stones themselves are made of porous material, water can also penetrate the ground well. Here, the disadvantage is again that weeds tend to grow in the joints. Moreover, the installation takes a lot of time and it is more difficult to work with creative, rounded shapes.

Grass pavers or grass blocks

A combination of natural grass with paving is also becoming increasingly popular – the so-called grass pavers. They form a sturdy foundation and at the same time are porous enough to allow water to infiltrate. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of grass pavers with different designs. Installing water-permeable grass pavers also means paying attention to maintenance in order to maintain a beautiful appearance.

Terradec® – the ultimate water-permeable paving.

Terradec® is a water-permeable paving system made of bound aggregates. Durable and beautiful for every project. With certainty, the best water-permeable paving for your new driveway, garden path, terrace, paving around the pool, and much more. We would like to share the 4 systems and benefits…

4 systems

Terradec® Strong is mainly used in permeable paving such as garden paths, around trees, etc. It is not designed to be driven over by vehicles.

Terradec® Solid is specially designed for heavier loads. Think of parking lots, driveways, etc. The material is ideal for a driveway for vehicles with a maximum load of 3.5 tons.

Terradec® Splendid is a water-permeable surface layer of bound aggregates where no yellowing or discoloration should occur. Very suitable for heavier loads as well. The material is mainly used for parking lots, driveways, terraces, balconies, around swimming pools, and so on.

Terradec® Easy Fit is a joint filler that prevents weed growth between the joints. Suitable for jointing almost all natural and concrete stones, tiles, and bricks for normal traffic loads.

The benefits

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